Would you buy a $300,000 product from a business with Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL or other non-branded email addresses?

A few weeks ago I asked the “$300,000 question” to my social network. The responses were, well, you be the judge…

“Yes as long as the person was a referral from a connection I trusted. I wouldn’t think twice about it.”


“If I see that you run a business but do not care enough to brand your own email address or do not know how to brand yourself appropriately in today’s market then your message is lost to me. I don’t hear you. You don’t scream professionalism, or competence. Now, I’m not saying you are not professional or competent, your brand doesn’t say that about you when you send an email from TrustMeIAMAProfessional@gmail.com.”


“I’ve purchased 300k in one particular product, I’ve also had someone give me a $2 million contract, I work from my home office (bcz I choose to …yes I own 2 commercial bldgs) and what I know from these experiences is that your brand does matter! And having a professional image all around is IMPORTANT!”


“I use my gmail to conversate [sic] with people I know, when it comes to “da-business”, it’s professional all the way! I’d rather do it the right way than have an excuse why I don’t.”


“I will use a company for $500 or less with free email account that came by referral but for 300k must be branded email just my opinion.”


“I believe you and your business deserve to have a branded email and yes, I do think it is a reflection of professionalism and the lack thereof is a reflection on your business too. As was said above, you can secure a branded email address/domain for dirt cheap….much less than most spend on a pair of shoes.”

As you can see, most of the responses leaned towards NOT!

This is not a major issue to some but it irks me that business owners and professionals use non-branded email addresses (i.e. hotmail, gmail, yahoo) when promoting their businesses. It is relatively easy and extremely affordable to get branded email addresses.

Regardless of how small your business, you are STILL a business owner. You owe it to your business and your clients to present a professional image. As a business owner, you should start branding yourself as such.

Did you know you can host branded email addresses very inexpensively with Gmail using Google Apps for Business AND take advantage of the many tools provided through Google Apps and Marketplace?

I’d like to know…”Do you Yahoo?” Leave a comment below with your thoughts or questions about branded email addresses.

Originally posted as Would You Buy a $300,000 Product from a Business with a Yahoo Email Address at ToniHogan.com.

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